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Remember, the goal is more important than the path. If cars were maintained by the government, too, some would be in better shape than now, but others would be in worse shape--no pride in personal ownership. You'd never know if the car you drove to a location (like the movie theater at night) would be there when you got out. These checklists simply save the mental effort required to bring up what's available when that list gets longer than six or seven.

Alex Osborn, advertising writer of the fifties and sixties, has contributed many very powerful creative thinking techniques. This is sometimes called piggybacking, hitchhiking, or ping ponging. (Purpose) Why was or is this done, avoided, permitted? On sunny days cars would be plentiful, but on rainy days, you might get stuck at the shopping center. Another example might be to ask, "What if we do nothing about the problem? ______________________________________________________________________ Use one or more of the concepts in this article to respond to one of the following challenges. The Kell Mills Cereal Company has just created a new breakfast cereal made from formed wheat chunks.

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Brainstorming can take place either individually or in a group of two to ten, with four to seven being ideal. When ideas are brought forth, no critical comments are allowed. To create and criticize at the same time is like watering and pouring weed killer onto seedlings at the same time. Some brainstormers aim for a fixed number, like 50 or 100 ideas before quitting the session. Preferably, the ideas should be written on a board or butcher papered walls so that the whole brainstorming group can see them. In an ideal session, the recorder should be a non participant in the brainstorming session, since it's hard to be thoughtful and creative and write down everything at the same time. Too often when someone gets a new idea, little attempt is made to think about its logical consequences for a few minutes. Or, would adults stop using cocaine if it were legal and cheap? " But if nothing else, thinking about it is good practice at logical thinking. In a few sentences explain why this is the best choice.

(Alex Osborn, brainstorming's inventor, recommends an ideal group size of twelve, though this has proven to be a bit unwieldy.) The best results are obtained when the following guidelines are observed: 1. But in small sessions, the recorder is usually a participant, too. For groups of more than three or four, have a moderator to choose who will offer an idea next, so that several people don't speak at once. For example, we have heard some people say that the United States should legalize drugs like cocaine because then the pushers and organized crime couldn't make money and would stop pushing them and the drug problem would go away. In more practical terms, though, thinking about what does not exist is about the only way we have of eventually making it exist.

Then ideas are given out for another three to five. If a member has no ideas, he just says, "Pass," and the next member responds. Yes, it is sometimes possible to be creative in a thorough and even orderly way. You could ask, "What can I do with 800 million slightly out-of-round ball bearings?

This movement in turn or around the table continues throughout the session. These are the six key questions that journalism students are taught to answer somewhere in their news articles to make sure that they have covered the whole story. " and, of course, a few things come to mind, like sling shot ammo and kid's marbles.

______________________________________________________________________ 3. This very factor that keeps us sane also keeps us from thinking beyond what we know to be true. Checklists help enormously in keeping the idea maker or problem solver alert to multiple aspects of the issue at hand.

Intelligent addressing of these problems in connection with your idea should produce welcome improvements to it. A major block to creativity for many of us is the mind's fierce grasp on reality. The mind can attend to only about seven items at one time; more than that will have to be recalled from memory, either by force of will or through a checklist.For example, a specific problem like how to mark the content of pipes (water, steam, etc.) would lend itself to brainstorming much better than a general problem like how the educational system can be improved. Remember that practical ideas very often come from silly, impractical, impossible ones. We've already talked about gold plating electrical contacts. That is what's actually done in some plants, doubling the output of the generators. First, the obvious, usual, stale, unworkable ideas seem to come to mind first, so that the first, say, 20 or 25 ideas are probably not going to be fresh and creative. (Time or Timing) When will, did, should this occur or be performed? On the other hand, rock grinding wheels wouldn't work anymore. Visible odors could be socially embarrassing in ways not necessary to detail. Your task is to create a new name for this company that will be attractive, memorable, and distinctive, and if possible, reflect the kinds of products the company makes and the market it serves.Note, though, that even general problems can be submitted to brainstorming with success. We have been trained to be so instantly analytic, practical, convergent in our thinking that this step is very difficult to observe, but it is crucial. By permitting yourself to think outside the boundaries of ordinary, normal thought, brilliant new solutions can arise. For example, when the subway was being dug under Victoria station in London, water began seeping in. In another example, it's a fact that electric generators can produce more power if the windings can be kept cool. Second, the larger your list of possibilities, the more you will have to choose from, adapt, or combine. Someone must be put in charge of writing down all the ideas. Whether or not the "seeing odors" thought suggests the invention of an odor detecting device, a super sniffer like the ones used by the U. military to sniff out enemy soldiers, a main benefit of practicing what-iffing is to train the mind to explore unreality or imagined reality, to think about, for a few minutes, the necessary, logical consequences or facts needed to support such a change in real things. But then wouldn't the pushers concentrate on selling drugs to those under 18 instead of to adults, which would be a worse situation than we have now? As I said, too often we simply stop thinking altogether when something contrary to fact comes across our minds or else we think about it in the most illogical and impractical way. " the response we tend to get, either from others or from ourselves, is, "Well, the sky isn't green, so why think about it? Suggest ten possible names and then choose one that seems to be the best. In personal relationships, romantic or supervisor/employee, in techniques and policies, whenever someone suggests an improvement, the typical response is, "So what's so terrible about it now? This "either it's fine or it's bad" attitude often gets in the way of thinking calmly about improvements.Don't keep reminding everyone that "this is a serious problem" or "that was a tasteless joke." As an aid to relaxation and a stimulation to creativity, it is often useful to begin with a ten-minute warm-up session, where an imaginary problem is tackled. After the session, neaten up the list and make copies for each member of the session. The next day (not the same day) the group should meet again. There is little attempt to trace probable consequences thoroughly, to outline a full set of associated realities.


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