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He said the 1998 Act was “broad” and child pornography was defined as “any visual representation” whose dominant characteristic is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of the genital or anal region of a child.He said this could arguably include 3D representations like child sex dolls, but added: “The prosecution would have to prove that the dominant purpose of the doll is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of the genital or anal region of a child.

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Dublin 14th & 15th September: First Aid Response (FAR) - Carlow Town 18th September: Understanding and Working with Attachment Issues - Limerick City 21st September: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Self-Harm Awareness - Carlow Town 22nd September: Professional Supervision training for Social Care Leaders and Managers - Swords, Co.

Dublin 22nd September: Guidance on Quality Documentation Procedures for Social Care Professionals - Mitchelstown, Co.

The judge said he would not include her address on the order. He advised the woman to bring the order to her local garda station and they would remove her partner from the family home. In a separate case, a man was granted a protection order against his wife of 28 years.

He said the woman should return to court in October for a full hearing of the case, when her estranged husband would also be present. The judge advised her to mention that to the garda at the court reception desk and he would help her. “I don’t have to be there when they got to the house, do I? He said she was an alcoholic and would come home drunk, get into the bed and dig her nails into him to wake him up. Recently, she had put their adult son out of his room, so that she could move into it.

The legal issue was the subject of a landmark court ruling in Britain earlier this week when it was ruled the child sex dolls are regarded as obscene objects under UK Customs laws.

Following further queries from the Irish Examiner yesterday, Revenue said the Customs Act 2015 gave officers the power to detain objects like child sex dolls and pass them over to gardaí.

She said she left the family home in June and went to a refuge, but her husband tracked her down using the location of her phone.

An invisible app may also be placed on a person’s phone to enable information, including location, to be passed to another person “I had to leave for my safety and for the safety of the others there,” she said.

She pulled up the sleeve of her top to show the judge the scar.


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